Esot vienna 2013

ESOT Vienna 2013:
Pushing the limits

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Sunday, 8 September

09:00 – 12:50     SPECIALTY UPDATE SYMPOSIUM CTA                           
                         (Composite Tissue Allotransplantation) 


                         Less is more 

CHAIRS: Raimund Margreiter, Innsbruck, Austria
            Luis Landin, Madrid, Spain

09:00  Welcome address

             Luis Landin, CTA Chair

Session 1

09:10   Tolerance induction in VCA
              Alain LeMoine, Brussels, Belgium

09:30   The impact of intra-graft chimerism

              Ingeborg Bajema, Leiden, The Netherlands

09:50   Recommendations for skin biopsy in composite tissue allotransplantation

            Theresa Hautz, Innsbruck, Austria

10:10   Immunological outcomes after minimization of immunosuppression in recipients
            undergoing hand  transplantation and donor bone marrow cell infusion
Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, United States

10:30   Abdominal Wall Transplantation Revisited
Anyl Vaidya, Oxford, United Kingdom

10:50 – 11:00  Q & A

11:00 – 11:20 Coffee Break 

Session 2

11:20   Seven years of face transplantation: the Amiens-Lyon experience
Emmanuel Morelon, Lyon, France

11:40   Complications in Face Transplantation
Stefan Tullius, Boston, United States

12:00   The effects of compliance and non-compliance with IS in the field of CTA
Lionel Badet, Lyon, France


12:30 – 12:50  Q&A


-  Learn about the return of function after CTA
-  Understand the risks in CTA
.  Discuss and implement of new strategies for tolerance induction in CTA


Target Audience:  Surgeons, physicians, researchers, transplant coordinators.


CTA in Pills:  The CTA Committee serves as a platform for experts within ESOT and represents a scientific, educational and clinical entity promoting progress of CTA.  In collaboration with other sections of ESOT it endorses high ethical, scientific and clinical principles for its field.



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