Esot vienna 2013

ESOT Vienna 2013:
Pushing the limits

New-Onset Diabetes after Transplantation (NODAT): 

A Scientific Session on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges

in Preparation of the 2013 International Consensus Guidelines


Sunday, September 8th, 14:30-17:40
Austria Center Vienna - Hall M

Opening of the Session/Welcome

   Ferdinand Mühlbacher, Vienna, Austria
   Marcus Säemann, Vienna, Austria


14:30-15:00 Introduction

CHAIR: Alexander Rosenkranz, Graz, Austria

– Cardiovascular Disease in the Transplant Population 
   Alan Jardine, Glasgow, United Kingdom
– The Impact of NODAT for Transplant Outcomes 
   Trond Jenssen, Oslo, Norway
– NODAT-Prevalence in the USRDS: A Case Against Tacrolimus? 
   Manfred Hecking, Vienna, Austria
– The Natural History of NODAT and Prediabetes 
   Esteban Porrini, Tenerife, Spain

15:00-15:30 NODAT Diagnosis in the Clinic

CHAIR: Gabriela Berlakovich, Vienna, Austria

– The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test as Diagnostic Tool 
   Tone Valderhaug, Oslo, Norway
– Validity of Glycated Hemoglobin to Diagnose NODAT 
   Adnan Sharif, Birmingham, United Kingdom
– Afternoon Glucose & Continuous Glucose Monitoring  
   Solomon Cohney, Melbourne, Australia
– What Can Be learned from an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test 
   Giovanni Pacini, Padova, Italy

15:30-16:10 NODAT Pathomechanism

CHAIR: Stephan Bakker, Groningen, Netherlands

– The Metabolic Syndrome: Historical Perspectives 
   Johannes Werzowa, Vienna, Austria
– Insulin Sensitivity versus Resistance in NODAT Development  
   Aiko DeVries, Leiden, Netherlands
– Risk Factors in Humans and Animal Models in Research 
   Jennifer Larsen, Omaha/Nebraska, United States 
– Is NODAT a Form of Type 2 Diabetes Or Not? 
   Marcus Säemann, Vienna, Austria
– The Pancreatic Beta Cell in Human Diabetes Development 
   Piero Marchetti, Pisa, Italy


16:10-16:40 Immunosuppression / Steroid Withdrawal

CHAIR: Michael Haidinger, Vienna, Austria

– Steroid-Sparing Strategies in Kidney Transplantation
   Julio Pascual, Barcelona, Spain 
– Calcineurin Inhibitor-Free Strategies
   Klemens Budde, Berlin, Germany 
– Trials of Tailored Immunosuppresison in Humans
   Armando Torres, Tenerife, Spain
– Animal Models in NODAT Research
   Esteban Porrini, Tenerife, Spain

16:40-17:10 Therapy

CHAIR: Susanne Rasoul-Rockenschaub, Vienna, Austria

– Non-Insulin Glucose Lowering Treatments in the General Population 
   Gerit-Holger Schernthaner, Vienna, Austria 
– Non-Insulin Glucose Lowering Treatments in Patients after Renal Transplantation 
   Michael Krebs, Vienna, Austria 

– Insulin Therapy in the General Population with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

   Alexander Kautzky-Willer, Vienna, Austria 
– Insulin Therapy in Patients after Renal Transplantation 
   Manfred Hecking, Vienna, Austria

17:10-17:40 NODAT Prevention and Future Research

CHAIR: Marcus Säemann, Vienna, Austria

– Post-Transplantation Monitoring by Glucose Measurements, OGTT and HbA1c 
   Solomon Cohney, Melbourne, Australia
– Lifestyle Modification 
   Adnan Sharif, Birmingham, United Kingdom
– ITP-NODAT: A Trial to Prevent New-Onset Diabetes after Transplantation 
   Akinlolu Ojo, Ann Arbor/Michigan, United States 
– Future Research Directions 
   Aiko DeVries, Leiden, Netherlands

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